The Most High Tech Light Bulb You'll Ever See! High Resolution Light Bulb Camera Detects Activity and Alerts Homeowners Without Cloud Storage, Batteries, Adapters or Wiring.

  • Connects directly to your Home WiFi and Accessible anywhere in the World!
  • With the Phone app you'll be able to pan 360°. The camera pans left, right, up & down.
  • Motion Tracking that works flawlessly.
  • Smart Technology allows the camera to reconnect after any power outage.

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Easy To Install

Installing the Light Bulb Camera is as simple as replacing a light bulb, and setting up takes less than a minute. The camera will connect directly to your Home Wifi and can be viewed anywhere in the world on an iPhone or Android device.


Night Vision Included

When the sun sets, the light bulb camera automatically turns on night vision mode comprising of astounding video quality. The 8 infrared LED`s lights reflect off objects allowing the camera to transmit high quality video back to your phone.


Motion Tracking & Real Time Alerts

The light bulb camera adopts a highly sensitive motion sensor, once the camera detects the movement of the object it will record and follow the object until it`s out of range.


Crystal Clear 1080P Resolution

The light bulb camera adopts a highly sensitive motion sensor, once the camera detects the movement of the object it will record and follow the object until it`s out of range.


No Batteries or Wiring Required

No batteries or wiring required for the camera to work. Just plug the camera into any light bulb socket, you`ll hear two-beeps to alert the user it`s connected. From there you can view all cameras from anywhere in the world using your Home WiFi.


What`s In The Box!

When you receive your box, you`ll find: 1 X Surveillance Camera 1 X Installation Tools 1 X Camera Holder (if needed) 1 X Manual 30 Days Money Back Guarantee

How Does It Work?

The company behind the Secure Bulb 360 created a sleek design that fits into any lightbulb socket anywhere, with plenty of room to allow the camera to move in all directions while still remaining discreet. It's really easy to set up. Just: 1.) Unpack the Secure Bulb 360 2.) Download the app 3.) Scan the QR code on the camera so it connects to the app 4.) Connect to your WiFi 5.) Then screw in the camera wherever you want to keep an eye on! That's it!

What Makes It So Special?

What makes the Secure Bulb 360 so unique is its ability to use advanced motion tracking to follow anyone or anything it sees for 360°! Unlike your doorbell camera that can only see in one direction and can't move, this camera moves all around. And unlike the doorbell cameras, peephole cameras, etc. It doesn't require any batteries. It just hooks right in to your standard light bulb socket, syncs to your WiFi, and allows you to record in real time in 360° degrees all around your home, keeping an eye on everything and everyone.

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What Everyone's Saying About Secure Bulb Camera 360


Michelle Taylor

"The Secure Bulb Camera 360 is an excellent option for those who want to maintain a low-profile security setup. Its bulb-shaped design seamlessly blends into any room, making it less noticeable than traditional cameras. The image quality is commendable, and the 360-degree pan and tilt function allow me to monitor every corner of the room. I appreciate the camera's cloud storage option, which keeps my footage safe even if the camera is tampered with."


Adam Walker

"Considering its affordable price, the Secure Bulb Camera 360 delivers surprisingly decent performance. The installation was straightforward, and connecting it to my Wi-Fi network was hassle-free. The camera offers a wide viewing angle, and the video quality is acceptable, though not as sharp as higher-end models. For those on a tight budget seeking a basic security camera, the Secure Bulb Camera 360 gets the job done."


Mia S.

"I must say I am thoroughly impressed. The 360-degree view provides exceptional coverage, leaving no blind spots in my home. The video quality is crystal clear, even in low-light conditions, thanks to its infrared night vision. The camera's motion detection feature sends instant alerts to my smartphone whenever there's any activity, giving me peace of mind when I'm away."

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At home or at work, this discreet and efficient surveillance solution seamlessly blends into any environment. Its bulb-shaped design conceals its true purpose, making it unobtrusive while safeguarding what matters most to you. Your privacy remains intact, and your security is never compromised.

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